Tiny Table / 1F Joinery

I shared a three-legged stool in another thread last week that I made using the 1F for the joints. I decided to make a tiny 4 leg table today, so I figured I’d post it here rather than spam the other thread. :slight_smile:

The legs are coming off the tabletop at 45-degree angles. Table dimensions are 18" x 9.5" and 7" tall. The whole thing was cutout with a 1/4" EM. The inside of the joints had to be hand chiseled a bit for the connections to slot properly, which is pretty fun, actually. It’s really rewarding when it’s done well enough that the joint slots perfectly and holds without any assistance.

Once the joints were all done, I did some finish work on the legs and tabletop using a router table. This could have been done on the 1F, but for a one-off project, setting up the two-sided carve would have taken me much longer than just doing it by hand, and it’s more fun for me to shape on the router table, tbh.

After the routertable work was done, I pre-finish sanded everything, taped up the joints, and glued. After the glue was set well enough (I’m really impatient, I think I waited 30 min) I added the final joint sanding to form the tabletop and legs together into smooth transitions and added the roundover to the top. At this point, final sanding on the whole thing where it felt necessary, and the whole thing was finished with boiled linseed oil.

Hope maybe something in here is useful for someone. Feel free to ask questions and whatnot. The design work was done in Carveco. The table is really simple and might be a fun project for someone looking to try something new?!



Wow @ryang , that’s amazing. I kept having to go back to the top to verify the dimensions, the table looks so perfectly proportioned. That coffee cup looks huge ( gotta get me one of those). Why so small? Doll house furniture or was that all the wood you had?:smile:

Thanks Charles! I made it to be a shelf that goes on top of a kitchen counter. Sort of a storage solution for my coffee station to hold the carafe, teapot, beans and a couple of cups. “Counter shelf” sounds sorta weird when I say it though, so I decided to use"tiny table" for the post. :slight_smile:

If I can get it arranged with the coffee stuff well enough for a photo I’ll add that, but the oil was still drying when I put the post up.


Here’s the table in it new home…


When I was taking photos of the first table one of my neighbors drove by and asked if I could make one for use as a step stool. His grandma is having mobility trouble and needs a little assistance getting into bed. I kept the overall design, but made the top a little larger, added a crosshatch pattern for grip and a cut out handle in the center. I had my dog test it for stability:)


that’s a real nice touch, with the cross hatch. It adds a level of detail that takes it to the next level for sure.

When I initially seen your design, my mind went to dog bowl/feeder (although its much too nice for that). But I had to laugh when I see the dog on the stool. Nice work!

Thanks Matt! Yeah, I really dig the crosshatch, and it really did add a lot of grip to the top when wearing socks over a plain flat surface. I’ve made a few dog bowls but none with fancy legs like this. I’ve always just bought 5" hairpin steel legs. Now I want one with fancy legs, so my dogs gonna get one! Lol.

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Nice joinery, and project! Your naming dilemma challenged the puny little marketing side of my brain, so here’s my best shot: “Tiny countertop coffee table”. “Coffee station” is probably more accurate, but it just doesn’t alliterate as nicely. :wink:

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