Tool needed, or assistance :)

So I just got in to woodworking in the last couple months… Built a nice portable cabinet with a table saw, router lift etc.
I just picked up some live edge slabs of walnut that I need to halve. They are 2.5 " thick, up to 15" wide.
Without a massive band saw, how would I get these split? Should I just ask on FB groups if someone has a band saw willing to help?
Only other option would be to plane away a LOT of it. Basically half.

Hi Ryan - welcome to the forums. When you say “split”, you mean resaw to slabs of equal thickness? If you want to keep the slab whole, then a very large bandsaw would be needed or a slab mill (which is essentially a horizontal bandsaw). Chain saw mill would work as well.

Otherwise, rip them down the middle, then use a “normal” sized bandsaw to resaw.

Have to ask - if they are 2.5" thick, why do you want two ~1" thick? That’s no better than standard 4/4 lumber.


Hi Ryan I when I started over a year ago I could not find any help here in NY or close enough so I ended up getting this Shop Fox W1849 Resaw Bandsaw, 14" Shop Fox

I bought some skip tooth blades make resawing wood so easy.

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Mostly to make epoxy wood serving boards for my customers. 2.5” thick is twice what I need. Ripping in half then bandsawing not a bad idea. Although I’d have to get one haha

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I dont think i have room to grab a band saw. certainly that size… maybe a bench top, but then I wont get anywhere near the size I need to rip these things… Im always jacked to buy more tools :slight_smile:

Hi Ryan
I think your situation could be solved by a sawyer in your area with a horizontal band saw mill. They would likely work out an hourly rate if you brought the wood to them and off loaded the mill. You can find one online.

i just bought a cheap bandsaw haha… 9" one… should be good enough (once ripped down the middle) to handle the cuts i need. thank you :slight_smile:

So newbie question is there any other specialty tools needed for this machine besides the basic?
I saw the tramming tool which I will order just wondering if there is anything else needed for this machine maintenance etc…

Hi Ryan - I recently purchased my first “big boy” bandsaw and it took me quite some time to get the resawing thing down, and I’m still learning. You have to tune the machine very well to get good results. Check out Alex Snodgrass on the YouTubes for the best advice tuning. I’m considering making a video about the specific issues I ran into on my machine (Rikon 10-326 14") - couple nuances for the way my thrust bearing is set up requires extra attention.


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Before spending lots of money on tools, try some DIY solutions first. They may help you decide if you really need them.

Here’s a link to Chris Powell’s method of tramming his Shapeoko but it should work just as well on OF.

I’m going to try the same then use a dial indicator I have from Harbor Freight.


Thanks for the info I will give this a try once I have my machine.