Tool path creeping

I have been using the onefinity post process in Fusion 360 for my g-code. I have been having a problem with the tool path creeping to the right… it gets about 1/2" off of where it starts. What am I doing wrong? I have reset the carving, leaving the same axises that I started with, to see if it was just operator error, but when it runs the sequence, it even starts 1/2" further to the right every time.

The only code I am running right now is to carve a 22mm hole 2mm deep and the holes are irregular and the last time the tool goes around the circle is when it moves to the right. Should I be coding my post process differently?

The machine is also making a weird loud noice as it is moving. Could this be the cause of the creeping?

UPDATE: I just downloaded the post process code for onefinity-Fusion 360 and the creeping has improved a lot. there is still a little… about 1mm, but a significant improvement. My onefinity also is not making that horrible noise anymore. I was using just the onefinity post process before, as I hadn’t seen the one specifically for Fusion 360 at that time. I would still like some advice about the creeping if anyone has any suggestions.

I had a similar problem and resolved it with the help of the community, extensive answer here.