Touch probe closing circuit when connected to the collet

When using the touch probe for the first time, Pin 22 indicator shows a positive sign + in it and it is black. When I attach the probe sensor to the collet it immediately shows pin 22 green with a negative - symbol in it. It closes the circuit with out the tool touching the probe block!

Please help

It sounds like your spindle is grounded which means you should be able to probe with out the magnet. touch the probe block to the bit and test to see if it closes the circuit. I personally like not having to use the magnet.

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Great idea but that didn’t work! If I touch any part of the machine that is steel with the probe end that goes to the collet, it closes the circuit.

If I connect the magnet collet end to the touch probe block and touch the tool to the block it works.

Sounds like the wires are reversed. Attaching the magnetic block to the router should do nothing. If it does then the wires need to be reversed. To do it you’ll need a “pin pusher” to remove the contacts from the connector without damaging them. Most likely you don’t have one so I would just call 1F and get a replacement.

Thank you all for your fast responses!! It is great to be part of the Onefinity Team!!