Touch Probe Z vs XYZ

Good evening all-

I typically xyz zero my workpiece with the touch probe. Lately, I’ve been doing some cuts that require a circle clearing pocket cut and then a a tool change for a finish pass (rest machining).

When I do my tool change I flip the touch probe over and just probe for z. I try to probe in the same location it would have probed when I did xyz. What is happening is my finish tool is cutting about 1mm deeper than my first pass, leaving a distinct ring on bottom of the pocket around the circle. If I put the first tool back in and probe for just z and run the first pocket cut again, it will cut the same depth as the finish and clear it up. This has happened on multiple occasions.

So it seems to me there is a difference in depth based on which side of the touch probe I use. Is this something that’s fixable (touch probe setting) or do I just need to reprobe z every time after I probe xyz?

Hey Jeremy,

you could check whether the dimensions of the Touch probe need to be adjusted: Onefinity Touch Probe Fine Tuning - YouTube


The issue is not with the touch probe it is with physics. The linked video explains this issue in great detail and tells you how to fix it.

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I believe there can be a difference in depth from the xyz part of the probe and the z only side. To check for that use the xyz side for the first cut. before starting the cut flip the probe to the z only side and select z only. do the cuts and see if that clears up the problem.