Triquetra vs. Onefinity Touch probe

Just curious if there is any reason to choose one over the other? I am leaning towards the Triquetra due to lead time, but I’m not sure.


They are both from Triquetra, Charlie makes both of them only difference is the plug on the OF version and the branding on it with the center circle for alignment off of the OF software.


Ahhhh that makes sense… thank you. So really wouldn’t matter one way or the other?

Not really if you already have a Triquetra from say your X-Carve it will work fine after you change the plug.


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When I got my machine i ordered the OF probe. I haven’t used it yet at all. @MindOfMcClure and @WhitePineWorkshop I am using the tried and true paper method. What am I missing by not using the probe?

@Kneepit Introducing the Onefinity 3 axis touch probe - #37 by mkf350

This thread has a lot of good info that may sway you.

@Kneepit, Have you started a project that had multiple bit changes and would take more than a day to complete? If so did you dare to turn off your machine for the night knowing that you would loose your origin setting and hoped that the eyeball and paper method would get you back EXACTLTY where you started with your origin? Maybe said a little prayer that you wouldn’t have a power interruption during the carve or have to hit the E-Stop for an unforeseen issue. Maybe you broke a bit and had to wait for a couple of days for Amazon to get you a new one delivered. These are all a solid gut punch when they happen, and they will happen. I no longer worry about it though. With a touch plate the key word is REPEATABILITY.

A few years back I had a customer review on the Inventables Forum. Long story short… the customer was about 8 hours in on a 12 hour 3D carve when he lost electrical power to his shop. The wood he was carving actually cost more than his touch plate that he had just purchased. When his power was restored, he edited out the portion of gcode that had already been completed and restarted the job after re-zeroing with the touch plate. His machine cut air for a few minutes until it caught up with were it had stopped and then continued to carve normally. He stated that when the project was done, even though he knew where it had stopped, the restart was invisible.

I saw a huge spike in sales the next day.


nuff said! I have done some longer carves but not that long. I have just turned off the router and hit pause but the emergency situations are enough fo me to start using it. Figure I have it, now I’ll get er goin!


I have a third party touch probe plate from a previous CNC machine. Can someone provide wiring guidance including plug details (brand, model, source) and a wiring diagram? Thank you in advance… Don

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It simply uses this plug to plug into the Onefinity controller, one pin connected to the probe plate and the other connected to a magnet.

Alex please where to get th plug?