Trying a New/Additional Source for Bits

According to what I’ve read, these guys do large runs for major manufacturers and make small batches of hobby CNC bits during their down and slow time. The prices are quite low, and the bits are made in VA, USA. I’ll write about their performance after they’ve arrived and they’ve been in use for awhile.




I don’t understand how these company sell bits and provide literally zero specifications about their bits.


Where are the specs for feed rate, etc?

I think the assumption is that these bits are “industry standard” quality. Therefore you should use “industry standard” feeds and speeds.

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Nothing says “industry standard” like assumptions :laughing:

Where can I find a reference to what the industry standards are?
I guess I can use Amana bit specifications as a guide?

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I use the Amana guide for all my bits as a starting point unless the manufacturer supplies the information. For 1/16" bits I’ve been using bits I got off ebay that I believe are used for making holes in circuit boards. A pack of 5 cost less than one Amana bit. I only use them for rest machining so they don’t get a ton of use, I’m still using the first bit. But they didn’t come with any speed or feed information. The Amana information for their bit of the same spec has worked just fine.

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I use Amana or Whiteside specs since they both have tool libraries that I can import into Fusion.

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First good sign. Ordered at 8:39 a.m. Notice of shipment at 10:54 a.m.

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