Trying to upgrade to v1.3.0

Hey everyone, Im trying to update my firmware from 1.0.8 to 1.3.0. My machine was previously in a metal building with zero wifi. I have since moved it into my garage and have strong wifi here.
How long can I expect the firmware update to take?
It has been ‘updating’ for about 2 hours and has the typical “loss of power may damage the controller”

Is it “normal” for firmware updates to take several hours or am I seeing the result of some issue?


if it doesn’t finish in less than 5 mins it wont work and your signal is too weak.

Just upgrade via usb:


All well and good to update via USB, but I am having the same issue, and given that it said “Loss of power during update could damage controller”, how do I safely stop the non-functional update that’s taking place now so that I can do the USB update instead?


Just turn it off and retry.