Unhomed and system estop

I have about 100 hours on my onefinity woodworker and tonight for the first time the router stopped moving in the middle of a cut. When i looked at the screen the xy and z axis were unhomed and the estop button was flashing like i hit the estop which i did not. So i rebooted as it had been a few days and started over. This same issue repeated 3 times. I get about 7 minutes into a cut and it stops. I ran for about 3 hours yesterday with no problem. Any ideas?

Is it the same gcode file each time? Can you run the file to only “cut air” without the router/spindle and dust collection running to rule out EMI or static discharge as a source of the issue?

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Yes the gcode file was the same each time. I will try an aircut as i had not considered static discharge. I was running a surfacing bit so there was more friction.

Thanks for your reply.