Upgrade thoughts

When the elite upgrade finally is available, here is what I want to do.

I have an x50 journeyman. I want to keep this size. I want the Masso controller, the new Z axis, the appropriate stepper motors, wires, and plugs. The pendant and the bit setter. I will probably get the stiffy as well. I am a not so patient man, but I will wait for this as these upgrades are vastly superior in accuracy and strength, I will probably get the 80 mm holder and an 80mm one ten volt air cooled spindle as well. Everything is 110 volts in my shop so for me it is not worth having to run 220 to it. Any thoughts? did i leave out anything i will need to go along with these wants?

I feel like all those upgrades are wasted on a 110v spindle, but I’m only running the makita router so dunno how much that opinion is worth.

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Hey Robert,

you considered the disadvantages of using a 120 V VFD / spindle, which I tried to explain here?


yes i have but i still want to run 110

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IMO, order an Elite right now. When it arrives, sell your current machine.

Less downtime, probably cheaper, less wasted components.

Hey Robert,

if you are sure you don’t want a 240 V outlet, 240 V VFD and spindle, Ziggy sells a 110 V kit :wink:

If in doubt, feel free to ask even more questions