Upgrade to 4x8 please!

I’d humbly like to request that you guys upgrade up to a 4x8 in your elite series. This will put you guys in a very unique position in the market and allow manufacturing of larger items without tiling. Such as furniture.

I will be purchasing a foreman elite with 24w laser and all the top notch accessories. I will be patiently waiting for the 4x8 upgrade!


From my understanding, the current linear motion hardware can not be effectively used for such a long span, and would therefore require a complete redesign of the CNCs they produce now. Although not impossible, such a shift would be highly unlikely in my opinion. I do agree with you that such a full bed size, hobby focused, non-industrial, ‘lower cost’ CNC is not in the market at this time.

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Hey Doug,

what you want is the Raptor XL :slight_smile:

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Do you have one? Post some pictures of it and some stuff your doing. Super interested.

Hey Doug,

not yet! But here you can see one in use

After seeing the price of the Raptor XL… I am very happy with my 32 x 48 cutting area!

There is a lot of value in the Journeyman.


Needs a ladder to get into the shipping box. You made me laugh out loud.


Yeah, no kidding. 33K EUROs!

I think anything larger than 4 feet would require rack and pinion over balls screws, no?


ShopSabre has the 408 pro and IS they have ball screws in their machines. Looks like they get amazing results because of it. Astronomical price though…

Hey Andy,

Some people receive their cnc and then they go to buy plywood sheets. Not necessary here :slight_smile:

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I believe they are able to use ball screws because of 1) welded steel frame, 2) linear rails, and 3) using a driven ball screw nut which eliminates whip in the long ‘very large’ ball screw (at least on their higher end models).

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TMToronto, do you have experience tiling on a 4x4? Or 4x3?

None whatsoever. I am new to all things CNC, and learning as I go - I own a Woodworker X50.

Looks like we took the same ferry. Always down to smash heads together, I’ll be pushing the limits of my machine when I get it, doing lots of Cnc furniture, laser cutting and engraving. Lots of texturing and 3d relief, love to share if your interested.