Upgraded Controller - Closed Loop Stepper motors

Looking through the support topics, I noticed the Buildbotics site now includes a controller with a DB15 connector that allows connection for closed loop stepper and drivers. The DB15 connector has outputs for Steps and Direction for each of the channels, which would allow connection of Closed Loop motors, which would greatly enhance the reliability of the OneFinity without the need of upgrading to an after market controller.

Failing that, is there a way of accessing these signals on the current OneFinity Controller?

Hey Jim,

this is difficult. You will have to find the points on the pcb and solder wires to them with a SMD soldering tip. The links to Onefinity’s pcb layout gerber files are in this posting.

If I wanted to use this option, I would rather buy the Buildbotics controller right away. It can do everything the Onefinity controller can do, but has new features in its operating software (see here and here) – and the auxiliary 15-pin port.

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Who heartedly agree. This is why I asked if OneFinity was planning on upgrading their controller, based on the BuildBotics latest controller. I am not sure they understand the desire of their customers to get the most out of their machine, and to keep the upgrades in house furthers their reputation for, not only a top notch CNC, but service and support.

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Hey Jim,

Buildbotics created and offer a CNC Controller, but Onefinity offers a CNC machine. I think the main interest in such a business, which is also still very young, is to sell their stand-alone CNC machine. And to sell a lot of them first. To fork the software and hardware of a CNC controller that is under open license to offer a machine complete with controller is one thing. But to follow the development upstream and to implement it in their own fork, or at least backport features, is likely to mean additional development costs that may not be profitable at the current stage (I’m just guessing).

What we can do is express our desires repeatedly. Some things from the user community have been heard, like the 80 mm spindle mount. Still hoping for the 43 mm mount.

It would be nice if the next version of Onefinity Controller would implement the 15-pin auxiliary port for external stepper drivers.

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