Upgrading from BuildBotics to Masso with PWN VFD

Hey everyone, I am about to buy a Pwn water-cooled spindle for my X-50 Journeyman (BuildBotics controller) but have a concern upgrading later to the Masso controller. Will the VFD for the spindle have to be upgraded as well and what does that process entail? Will it be an additional cost to have the VFD reprogrammed?

Thanks for your insight!


If you order the PwnCNC spindle kit now for the Buildbotics, it will be a simple upgrade later for the Masso. When you upgrade to the Masso, you will just need a new control cable (6 pin) from the Masso to the VFD, and a couple easy DIY programming changes on the VFD.

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Awesome! Thank you for the input Brian. I appreciate your help.