Upload failed - fusion 360

Looking for a suggestion. I’m using fusion to generate the g code.
the file contains 2d pockets

I am getting a message that says UPLOAD FAILED.
Any ideas why?!
upload failed|375x500

I looked at the framework and this alert is trigger when the transfert of the file failed. Not much help, I know!!. Few questions, what is the file size? Is it happening only with this file?

Could you also check you post processor, machine installation and nc program with comparaison of the step I used. ref. Facebook Groups

I think you might be right on the file size. It has a run time of 42 hours according to Fusion.

I’ve been using the same post processor that is set up in fusion for OF.

Is there a size limit?

The reason that I asked you to compare your setting and post processor in fusion with the one I shared is because current post processor setting disable ‘circular interpolation’. So the gcode produce a lot of linear movement instead of using arc.

Okay, thanks! I’ll try it out.