V12 toolpath name bug?

I’ve discovered in v12 that if you re-name a toolpath, then go into that toolpath, the original name will still show. And if you then click calculate, the name of the toolpath (that you have changed) will change back to the original name.

This happens even if you save the file with the new toolpath name, close it and re-open it.

To me this is disturbing as I sometimes change all the toolpath names multiple times.

In previous versions, if you changed the name, the new name would show when you went into the toolpath and would stay when you calculated it.

I’ve turned this into Vectric


Upon further testing, it appears that the name problem is only happening in the new Sketch Carve feature.

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Just heard from Vectric.
This name problem is a ‘bug’ and has been turned over to development.
Fix for right now in the Sketch tool is to always use the name field in the calculation screen.