Vacuum boom height?

Hi all, what is the height of the vacuum boom? From the table to the top of the hose.
Thanks in advance

Hey Andrew from the bottom of the feet of the Onefinity to the top of the boom with a 2.5” hose is 27.5”

Great. Thanks for the info. .

I’ll just offer, the boom is whatever height you want it to be, know what I mean? There are obviously practical limits, but it’s your machine, so chose what works for you.


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Thanks. I appreciate you could cut the tube to whatever length. I’m trying to get an idea of height for an enclosure. :slightly_smiling_face:

Need to be careful here. I tried many different heights and what I have it as has worked the best. However if you do an enclosure like Ben Myers. His vacuum hose starts high in the enclosure and was therefore able to shorten the height of the boom.