Variable Toolpath Run Times

I am using Aspire with my OneFinity X50. My projects are designed on a MAC using Parallels/Windows to interface. I download my Toolpaths to a memory stick then insert that into my OneFinity. Although the projects cut fine, I’ve noticed the run times estimated in Aspire generally differ from that calculated from the Gcode on the machine. Often by a lot. Usually the machines is less that than Aspire but not always. I’ve not been able to identify the logic behind this variance. Any help is appreciated

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I never used Aspire but it is most likely related to the Onefinity controller calculation taking into account configured acceleration of the toolpath that the calculated toolpath may make assumptions on how quickly the machine can change directions in it’s calculations (this may be configurable in Aspire). I notice many CAM estimates are far shorter than the Onefinity controller because they make no corrections for acceleration.

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Hey Richard,

The CAM software can only guess about some settings inside CNC Controller. See bottom of SETTINGS page.

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Anybody have “close enough” settings they can share for Fusion360?

I have the same problem with Fusion. In short, most CAM programs don’t account for acceleration and jerk, and such, only produce the most optimum cut times.

With Fusion, you can put a value into the machine setup to more accurately reflect your machine’s parameters. This is a percentage compensation, which requires you to know how “off” Fusion is from the actual cut time. I’ve done some experimenting and have not come across a constant variable for all cuts. Pockets tend to be faster than contours. But, generally, Fusion predicts cuts to be about 25% faster than they are for real.

Easiest way to check is to generate various tool paths in your CAM – note the cut time. Then upload each to the OF and note the estimate cut times. Compare the results and compute an offset (if any).

Hope this helps.


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Aspire doesn’t know all the performance details of your machine. Make sure the rapid speed in Aspire matches your machines rapid rate, and use the Scale Factor setting in Aspire to adjust until the times are similar.

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Good feedback guys. Thanks. I’ll look into your suggestions. Sounds like there’s no “magic formula” answer.