Vcarve/Rotary Issue

I have a weird problem with the rotary on the Elite (not doubt user-related). (First time running a rotary job on it)

I create a rotary job in Vcarve and when I send it over to the Elite, the rotary doesn’t turn.

Jogging the rotary around works fine, but it isn’t turning while running the job. I’m not sure if I need to ask about rotary set-up in vcarve or on the mass. But I’m wondering if I’ve missed something completely obvious in either creating the Gcode or running it one the machine.

Anyone have an idea?

Is rotary set up on the A axis? Can you describe how you have it wired and configured in Masso? Maybe a photo of hardware, wiring, and F1 screen A axis parameters?

Can you move the rotary via the MDI?
Maybe “G0 A360”

Does the rotary machining require a different post processor, in Vectric it does.

I am not sure. I set up a rotary tangential knife a long time ago using Sheetcam - not sure about the Masso PP.

Perhaps ask on the Masso forum - worth joining - or wait for more experienced rotary users to jump in the discussion.

This might be the answer. What post processor should I be using for rotary operations?

I think I found it in Vcarve. “Masso WrapY2A ATC (mm)” looks right. Though I’m not sure how this would work with a tool setter if Y is effectively disabled.

Yes it’s on the A axis and I can jog it just fine. I think its the wrong post processor in Vcarve that’s doing this.

Not sure what you mean by Y is disabled, it just doesn’t move while machining but should be energized, I have not actually tried my rotary axis yet, I just finished wiring it in will be testing in the next few days.
Good luck
Thanks, Pat

Yes the Y is active while the job isn’t running (except to go back to the tool setter to change bits).

Anyway it was the post-processor not be set properly, and it’s working now so thanks all!


What do you plan on using the rotary axis for, I am going to make some chess pieces.

Chess pieces are definitely on my list, but there are many things that are round-ish that can’t be made on a lathe. I get the occasional customer in my business asking for things like this and I had to turn them away previously, so a 4th axis should pay for itself pretty quickly.

Where did you find the right post processor if I may ask?

In VCarve, there are a few post processors for Masso controllers and you can choose one when you are saving toolpaths. There is the obvious one you use with flat designs (i.e. “Masso ATC Arcs”) and there are two for the rotary ( “Masso Wrapx2A ATC” and “Masso Wrap Y2A”). Since my rotary runs along the X axis, I chose the Y2A version since that changes Y movements to rotary movements.


Thats interesting although I have not yet run my rotary I have mine set up in the X axis and would have chosen the other PP, assuming the name indicated the axis of the rotary, I assume you are running yours as indicated and all is well.
Thanks, Pat

Yes mine is working fine now

Hi SteveMakesEverything,

Can you share the overall configurations and the hardware you are using for the rotary? I am just starting to investigate using a rotary with my Elite. Thank you in advance!

When I get a bit of time I want to create a video for my YouTube channel to describe all of this. I found and avoided a few traps to get this where I’m happy with it.

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