Wall Mounting On Journeyman QCW Frame (Secure from Beneath) Version

Does anyone know if I can mount this on the wall in either direction (long side against a wall or short side against the wall?)

Hi Jason - there is no reason you can’t mount on the long or short side. I’m not sure how the wall mount adapter attaches to the frame, so I’m not sure if it limits you in some way.


Hey Jason,

I’ve been thinking on this too.

If you refer to using the Onefinity Wall Mount System, I think by looking at the pictures on the page and the promo video (where they show Woodworker, not Journeyman) to me it seems that it is designed to be mounted long side vertically only. See this moment of the promo video on how exactly it is suspended into the .25" thick steel mounting brackets using steel mounting bushings

yeah that video is what has me wondering if that is the only option. If it is then I need to reconfigure my room to make it work properly.