Waste Board File Run Error (Solved: Choose GRBL in carbide create post processor)

I am trying to run a waste board flattening file I purchased on line and get about 2/3 through the cut and the machine decides to reset to where it is. Attached is a video I shot on my phone so the quality is not the best. Also attached are some pictures of what is going on. Yes I have reloaded the program, removed all programs, remade the file, used the correct gcode as outlined in the OneFinity video, Creating a file in Carbide Create, Basic G-Code. So oh great and all knowing Guru’s please enlighten me.

Here is a little longer video where the touch pad jumps from 10 to -32

Just as the Y axis jumps from 10 to -32 you can hear a thump.

Update. I remade the file in Carbide Create and saved as GBRL. Ran the file and worked like a champ. Not sure if my files were corrupted or connections were loose. Verified all connections prior to running the new file. Woohooo I fixed it.


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I have the same exact problem. Mine is jumping from x=10.82 to -32.827. I have followed the same steps that you did to correct the issue. However, it is still persisting. Below are the two files that I used. Any thoughts or guidance you might be able to provide would be helpful. Or could you send your file?


May 9th, Afternoon Flattening File.c2d (5.8 KB)
May 9th, Afternoon Flattening FileGRBL.nc (1.4 KB)

I ended up updating the operating system and created a new flattening file.

Unfortunately I am not in front of my computer to send you my new file. Let me search my emails and Messenger to see if I can find it.

If you have Facebook send me a message @willwhite. Picture of a goofy guy. And I will send you my file.

I can send the file in a couple of days. Currently traveling.

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Thank you for responding so quickly. I have been struggling with this for a few days.

Upon your return, can you send to my email (nopeakasigh@yahoo.com) or attach it to this thread.

I will do both.

You are very welcome.

Have you had a chance to send the file? If so, can you send it again as I did not believe that I received it.

I did send it but the email address came back as undeliverable.

Send me an email from your account to jkcanvas@gmail.com and I will forward the file

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I just sent you an email from nopeakasigh@yahoo.com. Please let me know if you do not receive it.


Just sent it. I was in the shop.

The file produced the same outcome. When you said you updated the operating system, was that before or after you were able to have the file complete successfully? What does updating the operating system entail? Would you be able to provide guidance on that. I do not want overstay my welcome but am kind of stuck now.