Web Interface - Failure to Load

I have been unsuccessful in getting the web interface to load and remain accessible on the OneFinity. Currently I have it hardwired to my network, the web browser shows “Onefinity CNC - Web Interface” but never loads unless I restart the controller at which point it will load and be accessible for a very brief time before dropping and becoming inaccessible again. In addition to this, the WiFi option does not pickup the Wifi from the AP that is literally sitting on top of the controller. To date the OneFinity has been very frustrating to use and I am hoping someone here is able to assist me with getting this resolved.

As an FYI, I did find a potential “work around” that involved “commenting out img src=”/api/video"" but did not mention how this is completed or if it is still relevant on 1.3.1.

On your router are you seeing it actively connected via Lan or wifi when you have issues?

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Yes, it’s an active device and I can ping it without issue. It’s just a loading issue that happens on PC. My iPhone can connect to it on Chrome, Safari etc. but not my PC.

Then I would say it is less likely a controller issue and more likely an issue with your laptop

I would agree if it wasn’t for the fact that the WiFi doesn’t work on the controller as well… I’ve found others on the forums with the same issue but no corrective actions yet which means it’s not an isolated case. It would also be different if it was only one browser, but using multiple browsers and still not getting results leads me to think it’s an issue with the NIC

Also, the fact I can connect to it perfectly fine when it starts up is confirmation that it’s not an issue with the PC. I shouldn’t need to restart the controller every time I want to upload a new program to it…