Wen Air Filtration (for when the vac doesn't get all the dust particles)

Happy Halloween!

Amazon has this Wen Air Filtration on sale for 20% off!

Here’s my video about it! (i Love it!)


I have that same machine. Love it! And that price is ridiculously low. Maybe it’s time for a second one…hmmmm…

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I’ve got the Jet and I absolutely love it.

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I’ve got two in my 1000 sqft workshop and they do a fantastic job of clearing the air particles. Just make sure not to neglect the filters and they will provide years of faithful service.


I got the SuperMax and I like it a lot. But mine goes up to 1200cfm, so a bit bigger and more expensive.

Unboxing and initial review here.


Thanks for the tip, I just ordered one!
I hadn’t given any thought to air filtration other than adding a canister filter to the dust collector.
All of the shop dust can’t be captured by the DC so this will add a second layer of control.


Welcome to the forum Phil, its a great community I think you will enjoy it.