What laser rotary attachment are you using?

Just a quick question what laser rotary attachment are people using with the Jtech laser to produce engraving on cylindrical objects (cuts, bottles, bats, etc)?

Thanks Guys

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I bought this one works great I lasered on a pen, Roger Treadway helped the process



Does it work with Onefinity controller?

The answer is a definite “yes” with one condition: to enable that axis, you must utilize one of the existing axes to do it (i.e. use the Y axis connector / controller to drive the rotary), effectively making one of three XYZ axes stationary to facilitate the rotary.

As mentioned, there’s a fairly extensive write-up by Roger Treadway on the subject beginning here.

I was even considering why this wouldn’t work in a pinch for strictly laser engraving on the Onefinity. Granted, if you also want to rotary carve at some point, the K12-100mm Rotary Axis Kit seems to be the way to go.

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Thanks Carrianne.

Will Vectric vCarve work with the rotary axis (if it replaces Z)?
If not, any software to recommend?

According to Vectric, Desktop, Pro and Aspire should be able to calculate toolpaths and export gcode for the rotary. However, I’m not going to mislead you by saying I’ve done it. I’m still mulling over whether or not I actually want to carve or just laser engrave. I haven’t actually installed a rotary yet.

I’m currently thinking that there may actually have to be some sort of post-processing of the exported gcode because Vectric may not actually allow you to name a rotary axis (like X or Y becoming A), rather it seems to just assume you’re working with 3 linear axes and 1 rotary axis together.

Roger Treadway, a.k.a. @rblur01, is probably the one to hit up regarding how to actually use the rotary from the software side of things as he’s successfully integrated one into his system.

I’m not sure about replacing the z axis for the rotary and using it with vcarve. But I used vcarve desktop and used the Y-axis as my rotary and had to edit the post processor to wrap the rotary (A) axis around the Y axis. I haven’t used fusion 360 with rotary yet. I’ve been working on other things and haven’t been using my onefinity much lately. Hopefully soon I’ll be working more in the shop. I have also used lightburn with the rotary but this is for the laser.

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