What Size MCB for a Woodworker with a Makita Router

Hi All

I’m just getting round to wiring my bench and plan to put the machine and router on the same circuit complete with a E Stop/NVR switch so if needed I can stop the machine and spindle together,

The problem I have is knowing what size MCB I should use for the circuit, my options are 6, 10, 16 or 32 amp. I will also be putting the router through a fused on/off switch so I can isolate the router whilst changing tools or switch it on and off without reaching over the machine. see picture and not sure if I should change the 13amp fuse to a smaller one.

Any helps would be much appreciated


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I’m not sure how much help this is but the router is rated at 6.5 amp so the 6 amp breaker would be undersized.

I do want to say WOW! What a nice set up, I need to go get my jaw off the floor now.

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Thanks for the compliment Chuck. I’m not sure if I’ve enjoyed making the bench more than waiting for my 1F to arrive.

But I’ve now had others ask me to make them a bench as well.

Not bad considering this was the first thing I’ve ever made with my hands.


Thoughtfully designed and built - looks great as well. If ever you ever have need to remove the top, might I suggest you place a metal strip to protect the AC cables at the top right - just in case you or a future owner nails or drills through the top and into the live wires. it could be attached to the bottom of the top above where the cables run.

Hi TM, appreciate your comments, the top isn’t going to be fitted until I’ve finally located my machine and I must admit I did think about putting the 220v in conduit in the first place, so may have a rethink about that, better safe than sorry.

I think I may go with the 10amp mcb, I can always change it if it keeps tripping.

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Hi Buddy - the controller requires about 5 amps and the router pulls about 6 on 120v. The vac usually pulls around 11amps. Derate all 80% and you should use >13amp breaker - probably 16 in your case. Same for vac alone. If it’s 220, then everything divided by 2 or so. YMMV.

BTW - love the setup!


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For those of you who were kind enough to reply to my post before, here’s an update, nearly there, need to get a replacement z axis cable to repalce the pig’s tail, but where do I get one from?


Just making an addition to my bench, a saw bench and decided to incorporate a router which takes advantage of the Dewalt’s fence.


Looks slick and sturdy. You’re not going to be popular, though, as the bike, car and fridge will be covered in a nice layer of wood dust :grin:

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