What size wrenches does the Makita rt0701c use?

I am not currently not at home to check the size of wrench the RT0701C uses. I am trying to model up some clamps and want to use the same wrench size to tighten them down so I am making a 3D printed nut holder the same size. I just cannot seem to find the size anywhere.

Give me two moments, just got into my shop. I’ll take some calipers to mine.
Okay, small wrench comes out at .530 inches or 13.19 mm. About as close as you’re going to get to 1/2". The larger wrench is .880 inches or 22.36 mm. Can I insert here how much I loathe decimal imperial? At 70 years old I have no problem working with fractions ,been doing it for so long now that it’s a cinch. If I want to use a decimal system, metric is there for you and I use it almost as often. But trying to equate 1/10 the of 16 drives me up the wall. Rant off. Hope this got to you in a timely manner.


Thank you so much. I will post free stl files when I am finished. I have been doing decimals in both inch and metric for almost 30 years. I’m used to it.

13 and 22mm. I bought these bike wrenches from Amazon. They are beefier that the OEMs, but still thin enough to use with the machine with a dust collection boot installed.

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