Where oh where is my Elite Foreman?

I know I have to wait my turn, But man am I pumped ! 220v gets installed next week for the spindle and addition

al 110v receptacles.


You think your wait is bad. When I preordered in early December 2022, mine wasn’t delivered until June 2023! 23 week wait!

What a nice table top. I will be ordering my elite next week, when did you order yours?

Hi Robert , I ordered mine Jun 19th and separately ordered the QCW , I should be receiving my QCW soon like in a week ! Wishing you much success with your business !!!

Just want to give some feedback on table designs. I find it very important to be able to get all around the big elite footprint if you can. This is my set up and I love this machine.
Clean up is very easy.

Also 50Amp/220Vac main drop on the back wall
220vac 30amp for spindle
and second 110vac 20amps for machine and third 110vac 20amp for vac.

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I know the feeling. My table is ready and my Foreman Elite showed up on Friday. I worked all weekend but I assembled my QCW last night. I’m about to head to the shop and start building the machine. My electrician is scheduled for a week from Wednesday. It’s going to be a tough wait! I might call them this morning and tell them I’ll give them a bonus if they have any cancellations and can move me up in the schedule. :slight_smile:

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Oh boy i know the feeling. I just had the 220v 20 amp and 110v 20amp circuits installed… the QCW is looking to be delivered this Wed. Not sure about the elite foreman delivery yet but it is all coming together. John, just a little while longer and we will both be there - worth the the wait ! will be overwhelmed with the necessary education required to get this going .4 months ago i had no idea what CNC really was. Fortunately I have been a R&D developer HW and SW on computer systems, I have used Fusion 360 for some of my wood working projects so Carvco Maker + does not scare me.Still it will be a challenge and i have made it a critical mission to accomplish. Balls to the wall so to speak ! Good Luck

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Yo Woodpecker, I agree 100 % with you. In my case if i take up another square inch of garage space the wife said i will be sleeping on that table !!! I got to be careful.

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Mark Why a 220v 20amp drop? 220v 30amp would be my input

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I ordered my Foreman Elite on June 12, 2024 and it showed up on July 13, 2024. Oh yeah, I ordered the QCW the day after I ordered my machine, and they cane together.

Hi Woodpecker, i did notice you used 30A i did not see any requirement from vendor specifying 30 A. This is a dedicated circuit to the spindle.No other 220 loads.if i have an issue i know the wiring can support 30 A and will change the breaker.