WiFi solution: it werrrkkkssss!

Had a horrible WiFi connection. Onefinity support was no help. Not meant as a negative mark against them. They were responding to emails at 10:30pm eastern! They are amazing! Just their suggestions didn’t work.

Moved my router in garage as a test with 200ft Ethernet cable to test. Didn’t do much. Connection got better but of course the rest of the house suffers. This was a test. Yes, 2.4g not 5G. 5G doesn’t work with onefinity.

Phone hotspot not a good option as in my area not the best cell service with T-Mobile. All over the world is excellent. I got excellent service in Sri Lanka of all places. Just not in Lakewood ranch Florida. Weird.

Can connect directly to laptop via Ethernet cable but then laptop has no internet.

WiFi dongles do not work! Onefinity would not power one up. Worked perfectly on my laptop but didn’t one onefinity.

Decided to test Amazon eero mesh WiFi. Put one hub next to main router on opposite corner of house. Put 2nd one half way between. At main router, 450mbps. Half way point, 360 mbps. In the garage all the way at the end, 230mbps! 2500sqft house. Not sure why moving main router in garage didn’t improve this drastically but mesh WiFi did.

**Solution: install mesh WiFi and it’ll work like a champ! I can connect remotely from laptop to onefinity **


I love that MESH works well for you and encourage others to try it as life is so much easier when able to communicate directly with the 1F controller.

Our home is moderately large so we have 3 MESH routers employed in order to ensure full WiFi coverage. That said, I still experience many times when 1F refuses to pickup the connection (I’ve even tested moving one of the nodes in the workshop and placed a WiFi extender within 24" of the controller). The workshop is inside a Faraday cage, of sorts (4 concrete walls with extensive rebar) which would explain things, though other devices have no trouble making a network connection. Urrrrg, more than frustrating!

No rain on your parade here though, I just wish my results could be as successful as yours.

Good point. Concrete makes a hell of a negative difference.

Have you tried setting up a mesh node in the garage and if it gets good signal forwarded from the base gateway, then perhaps you could try connecting node to controller box via Ethernet cable. It’s worth a try but I suspect it will work.


P.S. where do I find a concrete bunker with rebar enforcement? I want one. Actually….I’ll take two.

I have a single ubuqiti access point at the middle of a 2400sqft house and I have no issues with WiFi connection with my onefinity controller.

That’s pretty awesome. My write up was not to knock onefinity. If it works perfectly for you, that’s awesome.

My write up was only there to help those like me who were struggling to narrow down the cause of it and sharing a possible solution as some other obvious solutions didn’t work. Also good bit of info from onefinity support team that controller won’t power external WiFi dongle.

My house is 2500sqft with two levels and a garage in corner with block walls.

Mesh WiFi is better than range extender and putting a node in kitchen next to garage solved my issues.

Sorry if I came off as defending onefinity I was just providing what I am using that works for me.

No worries. I find myself defending onefinity more often than not. No offense taken.

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I went and made my own mesh network with Apple AirPort Extreme routers. I have a Time Machine as the main and I bought 5 Extreme’s off of eBay for next nothing. Setup the Main and then use the others to extend the network. I have one under the roof of my deck that broadcasts into the back yard and one in the shop just for the OneFinity and the a Apple TV I have out there. Works great!

After looking into many options I just ordered GL.iNet GL-AR150 for $27 on amazon. It seemed like the cheapest solution to this problem. I’ll use it in repeater mode and hard wire it to the machine. Even with my main router 10 ft away, but in the other room the OF wont connect. Hopefully this will fix the problem.

@stagger_wing please update this to let us know how the mini router works out.

When I initially installed my Onefinity try as i might i could not get it to connect to my home network the controller was around 5ft away from the router with 2 pieces of glass separating them, No issues at all with connecting laptop or wireless printing from the workshop.
First try was to by a Pi USB Wi-Fi adaptor which I installed using a USB cable to raise the adaptor higher in the workshop still no connection. Next try was a 25meter Cat 5 cable linking the Onefinity to the router this worked fine but wasn’t a suitable solution for long term use.
Our broadband provider supplies us with a router and if we are unhappy with the strength of the Wi-Fi will supply us with booster discs that require configuring to the network and a power supply we already had one to cover the patio which worked fine, I ordered another installed it in the workshop amazing strength of signal with the laptop and music system but still no joy with the Onefinity either with or without the USB adaptor, trying a number of configuration settings on the Pi. I then used a Cat5 to link the controller to the range extender disc and Yes Yes Yes connectivity really good connection and ping results. Onefinity now on the home network which really makes a big difference with regards to control and uploading toolpaths, really pleased I stuck at it, I have to comment that network connectivity appears to come up fairly often its a shame an upgrade or approved fix couldn’t be found


Works great! It was easy to setup and has the added benefit of putting the cnc on its own network.

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