Woodworker Foot Profile

HI All

Has anybody got a digital file or dimensions of the following, I would like to make a cover to protect the cables

Thanks in advance


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Onefinity response in another post.

Sorry, here’s the dimensions for the Woodworker…

Thanks for that info,

I’m after the dimensions, widths , heights etc of the foot itself, i.e. end elevation


How are you planning to make the cover? 3D print? There’s plenty of plans available or premade on Etsy.

Hey Dave,

one like this?

onefinity wire cover
onefinity cable cover

I don’t have access to a 3D printer and was thinking of cutting something out of multiple pieces of ply and gluing them together


Hey Dave,

I like that you want to make them from wood. Less plastic! :slight_smile:

If you had a cnc machine you could also mill one :wink:

Unfortunately I did not find the time to make these measurements yet, but Bill @Machinist makes very nice plans, on this one, there wasn’t much that was missing and that he would have measured the holes of the rails. Perhaps he has a plan of the whole foot cross section?

Thank Bill @Machinist for this

(excerpt from a file from Bill that I downloaded once a while ago))

Hey Thanks for the prompt replies, the dimensions I’m after are those which would allow me to replicate the profile of the extrusion, not the dimensions of where the feet are located etc.

i.e. the dimensions, as the picture shows the foot (extrusion)

Sorry for misleading before.


Here you go, this is the profile of the foot. Hole spacing dim’s are centered on the footprint. Let me know if you need anything else!



Thanks for this Bill and for taking the time to send it to me, I think I’m misleading people, its the dimensions from the end view as per the picture I’m after, in my terminology this is a plan view

Thanks anyway


My apologies, @Buddy! I just glanced at @Aiph5u’s post and assumed you were after the footprint. Hang tight and I’ll get you the profile.

BTW, you are most definitely correct, that is the plan view. I didn’t find your OP misleading in the least.

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Thank you for this. I haven’t got my machine yet, but I was thinking of putting blocks under the feet so I could do thick slabs. Now that I know the footprint I can have some blocks ready.



You’re very welcome Paul. I had made some spacers for mine as well, but didn’t end up using them.

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Hey Bill, hey Dave, hey all,

I also understood what you meant Dave @Buddy, that’s what I meant above when I wrote “perhaps Bill has a plan of the whole foot cross section”, it was because this excerpt from Bill’s footprint PDF is already a part of a foot’s cross section, and it’s beautifully made:

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My bad for not reading far enough into the post. My mind jumped to that conclusion all by itself. :rofl:

No, but I had to cover mine, so I didn’t damage them every time I walked past them, getting to a not so well placed switch. I just printed a four-sided box with lugs for screws into the table; nowt fancy.

I’ve made some covers to protect the cable and plugs, these are 60mm long i.e. 5 pieces of 12mm ply, I’ve attached the Vcarve file if anyone wants to use it. There’s multiple profiles nested on a sheet.

RAIL ENDs.crv (386 KB)



Finally managed to finish something to protect the stepper motor cables and plugs and its made from wood.


I used electric tape. It’s the same color and was super simple to “design” haha


doh !!! I should have thought of that