Woodworker for sale x-50 32" cut area

Selling my onefinity x-50 woodworker 32x32. Works perfectly. low hours. Includes: 10.8 touch monitor, enclosure w/ drop down plexiglass cover to contain any dust the dust boot doesn’t catch (I can send a pic including the cover if interested), t-tracks / spoil board, table it’s on if you want it, probe xyz touchpad, dust boot.

I’m selling only because I’m getting a 4’x 8’ machine. It’s been a great machine, I just need a bigger unit because of the type of work I do.

$2,100 I’m in Indianapolis.


Is this still available?

yes, it’s still available

This was pending, now it’s available. Still runs great

Hi Mark, is this still available? I am interested and would like to get in contact with you. Mori

Is this still available

have you sold it yet? Where in Indiana are you?

Oh, my bad. It says Indianapolis.If you still have it. Let me know I’m interested and live in Michigan. I purchased a Jeep in Indy awhile ago. I drove down in a rental and met at the airport. Also, what other ways are there to contract you?

@mcgarvey It is unclear if it still available. If it is, I am interested. Thank you.