Woodworker speed control / vfd settings?

Thanks Aiph5u for such detailed info, I have seen many extreme tests as well, it really does not play into the real world of making parts and machining things, they are interesting to watch though.
Still curious to know what you make with your machine and the need for precise spindle RPM, and don’t get me wrong, the HY VFD’s are pretty cheesy looking and feeling, I also have a Hitachi on a Lethe I built and there is a marked difference in the quality of it compared to the HY.

Hey Pat,

yet I am doing nothing with it because the machine is not yet put into service.

And the requirement I have is not to have the exact speed, but to have the best efficiency when the VFD drives the spindle, and basically industrial reliability.

Got it
Thanks Aiph5u

PS: Just to be complete, while I’m at it, a Omron MX2 / Hitachi WJ200 can not only drive the usual spindles (=asynchronous induction motors) but also synchronous motor spindles. If you look at the last three spindles on the bottom, look at the rpm range(!):

As you can see, with that, you can mill steel /very/ slowly, go down to 1000 or even 100 rpm, but also fast, up to 40,000 or 34,000 rpm, with the same spindle. Such motors work with permanent magnets. And within its power and its entire speed range, it is never slowed down, indepentently of load.

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