Woodworker X35, use after several months off, challenges

Well I took some time off from my CNC and did some other projects around the house. Today after about 6 months away from the machine I tried to do some creating with it and ran into a few challenges I wanted to share:

  1. I did not thoroughly review my program and I didn’t realize some of the core settings were off on the file. I had to review the settings for everything from wood thickness, starting point and material surface, tool selected and even the tool path saving, instead of just the file.
  2. Keeping the machine clean and lubed saved me a lot of hassle. I wiped off some excess oil from the last time I coated the rails and I believe here in Mississippi that saved me a bunch of corrosion.
  3. My Onefinity controller had some challenges with the VFD and spindle. For some reason it did not maintain the setting in the Settings menu, I had to reset the VFD selection and verify the VFD programming.
  4. One I haven’t solved, when I have selected the probe measurement values, I had previous and still have selected, Imperial. The metric measurements are present for my touch probe and tool selection for probing. The machine ran fine with these, just seemed odd that they aren’t what I have currently selected for units, even after a few restarts and shutdowns.

Overall the machine is still working great, no issues other than it has spent a majority of its life powered off.

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The last line of your post made me reflect on the Journey of Myself and my woodworker 35, 1F machine.

The Journey of my CNC 1F Woodworker.
• Set up and Placement
• Leveling and surfacing spoil boards
• Software learning curve Fusion 360, easel, Vcarve xxx and more + Gcode
• Post processing.
• Dust collection
• Hardware, frequency drives programming, spindles, routers & speeds,
• cable management flex trays
• Tooling, feeds & speeds Bits upcut/down cut, V Bits, engraving bits & collets
• Hold down fixtures
• WIFI connections or not
• Automating peripherals, IOT relays ++ cooling pumps, Vacuum

• Now, Three years later I can proficiently cut out a cup coaster,
       a trivet and engrave my grand children's names.  

The journey was definitely more about the learning process
      more than the end product.
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