Working with thin stock

Just wondering if anyone has tips on what bit to use for cutting quite fine detail in 1/8 plywood and probing xyz because I can’t use the touch probe as normal because of the thin stock

Sure you can use the probe. You can probe X and Y as usual, you should be able to register against the 1/8" material. Then flip the probe over and do Z just as you’d do with bit changes.

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Thanks for that, I am still quite new and have lots to learn

Much appreciated

BTW, on the bits, you’d generally want fine I’d assume. You can get 1/16" bits that have a 1/4" shank. They are fragile though, be nice to them. They may be small but they are not cheap. Not sure if you can find a 1/32" bit with a 1/4" shank (most seem to be 1/8" shank), you’d have to use an adapter and those can be hit or miss from what I’ve read.

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I used a 1/32 bit with 1/8 shank……just made 3 passes……turned out really good

Thanks again for the help, much appreciated

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Please share the exact bit you used in pictures some of us also want to know how to cleanly cut 1/8 plywood letters Etc thank you for your good question

Let me know if these work

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