X-50 table questions

I am new to this, but what does secure from above vs secure from beneath mean?

Why do they have a price difference?

I assume they do not come with feet since the leveling feet are for sale? can both units use the wall mount?

Does the rolling table come with leveling feet?

What are the physical dimensions?

Would be nice if they offered a combo price discount. X-50, frame and rolling cart combo

Journeyman QCW Frame (Secure from above) - $510
Journeyman QCW Frame (Secure from Beneath) - $488.75

Hi Jason - welcome to the forums. There was a post about this in the FAQ section I think. Basically, it is whether the screws that attach the waste board enter from the top or the bottom of the waste board. If I recall, ‘when in doubt, get secure from beneath’.


Thanks Tom, I sent a request to have my table switched out.