X-axis way off, and machine is homed

Hi. I am doing a two pass project using g-code created in Easle.

The rough pass worked out fine, but the detail pass is somehow starting 5" more to the right on the x-axis, and then trying to carve into free space, off the work piece.

I have homed the machine repeatedly, reset the controller, and then updated to 1.0.9 on the software.

when I am flying around on the spoilboard using the handheld controller, the numbers in MM to not seem to mirror reality, either. I shows that it’s at 199MM, when it’s really at 400.

In other words, it’s acting like it’s not been homed. But I promise, I have homed it.

Any thoughts?


Sounds like homing didn’t complete correctly.

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Could you give me a little more detail? When I hit the home button, it does go to the origin correctly.

What in the video should I watch?

I did make some adjustments previously to Motor 0 because the machine was banging against the gantry slightly.

This is the Easel file, which seems to be correct, according to the Easel community.

Onefinity support, would really appreciate a hand here.