X50 Journeyman – machine won't home XYZ properly

This seems to happen intermittently – when I home the machine, sometimes the X and sometimes the Y gantry will not move to the extreme left side of the rails. When I try using the controller, it also won’t move and gets stuck at the same point. In the past, restarting the unit seemed to fix it, but I’ve restarted 8 times and it won’t fix itself.

Make sure the ball screw is cleaned and everything is oiled. Check to see if you can move it to the desired location when the machine is off, and possibly increase the homing amperage limits in the machine settings. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks. What do you use to oil the ball screw?
Also, I had just completed a very dusty cut on MDF.

Onefinity recommends this