Y-Axis sticking

I thought I would tap the hive mind before tearing into my machine. My Y axis is losing position, but only at a particular area on the Y axis, towards the top of the cutting area. A stepper motor (or motors) makes a sound like it is jammed. After a brief hesitation, it goes ahead with the job, with the Y axis zero about 1" positive from where it was. The rails are clean. The Y Axis seems to maintain alignment (square to X). I can’t figure out why it stalls there and nowhere else! Any advice is welcome, and thanks.
Machinist, ver 1.09, VCarve Desktop

From the Support that Never Sleeps: Too many nodes in the (purchased) DXF files. I traced the part in VCarve and made an “air cut” with no difficulties. Real cut tomorrow, but unless I post again, the problem seems to be solved


One final note: if you have this problem and use VCarve, “Fit to Curve” is your friend.

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