Z-Axis error on first startup

Hey everyone!

I finally got my machine set up this evening and flicked the switch to bring it to life!

All seems good except for this z-axis error. Im not sure what this means or how to clear it? I would appreciate it very much if someone would be so kind to explain what this means and how to go about it?

If this helps - it moved the z-axis all the way to the top and then stopped there before moving to the front left corner.

Thanks very much in advance!

Also, I noticed there are no limiting switches anywhere and so when it boots up, it automatically finds the home position (front left corner) but it seems to try and go past the physical limits of both the x and y axis for a second before it stops. Im assuming this is normal yes?

Thanks much in advance!

Yes, this is normal. The home is found by an (i think) amperage spike threshold that is adjustable. Here is the over-under explanation. Essentially, it will go away when you load a file and zero your XYZ if your tool paths are correct.