Z axis "under" error only when using V-Carve Clearance Tool

Hello all,

First time posting…

I’ve done several projects, but this was my first time using the v-carve with using a clearance tool. The project gives me a Z-axis under error once I zero the z-axis to the surface of the project.

I am only going down 0.15 inches and should have approximately 1.5 inches of travel, so I’m not sure why the system thinks I’m running out of travel. I only get this error while using the clearance tool option.
If I set the device to do a pocket cut rather than clearance it works perfectly. Both options show the same results on Aspire Vetrics software.
I also don’t quite understand why the 3D rendering on the Web interface looks like it is cutting on different levels when they should all have the same depth of 0.15 inches.

Any help is appreciated.