Z Error while probing Tool

I am trying to probe a tool for the first time to surface my spoil board but I keep receiving this error message.

I put the probe on the edge of the spoilboard and followed the directions from onefinity to probe.

Any suggestions?

Hey Alexis,

are you in manual mode or have you created a g-code program for wasteboard surfacing and you’re in program mode?

If in manual mode, did you move the milling motor near to the touch probe with the corded gamepad or the wireless gamepad, or with the arrow keys on the Jog Tab?

You may be interested in this:

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Hi There,

Currently I am in manual mode just to test out the tool probe before I run a program.
I placed the tool probe at the edge of my spoilboard and moved the router over the small circle on the top right corner of the probe.

Still getting this same error message, I will look into the links you provided.

Thank you!

You’ve done the Homing process first, right?

Not sure if this is the cause, but make sure you start the probe process with the bit close (I aim for about a 1/4") to the probe.

Hey Alexis,

but you know that the message you show is a message you can (and have to) ignore as long you haven’t loaded a g-code program of your own? This is adressed here:

You say you probe Z. But you did not say whether probing did succeed. After probing, did the Z value successfully get its new zero position, or did you get the “Probing failed” error, as shown here?


I’m a little late to the party here, so may already be resolved, but i used to get these frequently (in part because I had the spindle mounted in its high position). The probe program tells the spindle to drop some amount (can’t recall, say 20mm). This amounts to the furthest above the probe block that you can start. On every successful probe operation the probe makes contact before it gets to the programmed distance and stops the motion. Problem is, the 1F controller confirms that the motion can complete before starting, and without realizing that it won’t complete the travel. So the workaround is to start the probing op with the spindle higher. Of course you can’t start so high that the move won’t make it to the block, & sometimes, if your desired zero is close to the physical machine limit, it will be a narrow range that will work.

Hey Rob,

thanks for your contribution. You know that just in case the manual probing routine does not seem appropriate in a certain situation,

Unfortunately we don’t know if @Alexis really had an issue here since they did not answer anymore. In any case, an error like the one shown by the original poster can also appear and be safely ignored if Z probing was successful.

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