Z setting for Tool Change

I would like to bring the Onefinity to its maximum Z height when I execute a manual tool change.
Obviously, that max Z height is based on several factors (current work piece height, Z gantry bolt position, etc).

Must I know the maximum Z height beforehand?
Is there a G code that brings Z to the highest position?

Note: I understand that I can move the Z joystick up and the Z gantry will stop just before its mechanical limit. I want to do this as part of the G code.

Onefinity must know this limit. It’s discovered during machine homing.
It there a G variable that I can use in the G code?


Hey Russel,

yes, it’s the ‘max-soft-limit’ setting of the Z motor.

You can move your Z axis there with the g-code command

G0 Zxxx

where xxx is the number.

If you want to tune the code executed in your ‘tool-change’ field, see here.

If your g-code toolpath exceeds the dimensions your Onefinity can work on, you will get a warning after having loaded it.

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Got it!
Your link to the ‘tool-change’ field did it.
The G28 raised Z to max.

Thanks Aiph5u!!

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