Z zero touch plate

Last week doing some projects I notice my Z axis was not skimming at the proper depth. I was my touch plate and everything remained the same. If I zeroed off the work surface everything was correct. I tested it multiple times but seems like it is off just enough to cause problems. The X and Y are dead on.

Any suggestions?


Try measuring the thickness of the touch plate with a digital/dial caliper and verify that the dimensions match those that are saved in the Masso controller.

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Is your touch plate the XYZ touch plate from Onefinity? I was having some Z axis erratic behavior and reached out to Onefinity tech support. They immediately responded and said they had shipped some XYZ touch probes with a wire that had been inverted that could cause some issues.

Hey Dan Yes sir I have done that and verified it twice without any success. My digital calipers only go 2 spaces and prior have done fine. Kinda of a head scratcher.

Good information. Thank you I will reach out to them and go from there.

Have a great weekend.

Kevin’s issue is not a touch prove wire reversal. Not sure what it is but can confirm it’s not a wire issue.

Do you have any suggestions for me to try? My previous machine I did not have a touch plate and now I am a bit spoiled! :wink: Thank you

Not without a detailed, narrated video :slight_smile:

I think I found the issue. I just pulled the project of the board and there is a small cup that could possibly be the issue as the corner I was zeroing on would have been that slightly higher.

Thank you for your quick response!

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