10" monitor screen size

How do I change the screen size on the 10" monitor? The screen size is shrunk and the curser isn’t under my finger?

Try shutting down your machine. Ensure the monitor is on, turn on your machine. Should fix it.


It is horrible …
Get yourself a stylus …

I’m 72 and don’t need to be looking for a stylus in my shop as well! The less things I have around the better.

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As vader mentioned, making sure the monitor is powered on before the controller should solve your problem. When the controller boots, it polls the monitor regarding its size, if the monitor isnt ready the controller will use the default size.


Attach the stylus to the monitor with a string :slight_smile:

Even with a stylus the curser would not be under the stylus. The only fix was to completely shut down screen and controller for quite a while, startup monitor and wait till screen says “no signal” then startup controller. And all is good now!

Ron Leontowicz

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July 9

Attach the stylus to the monitor with a string :slight_smile: