10" Monitor upgrade

Has anyone received the 10" Monitor upgrade? I’m trying to preplan for my late July or maybe August Delivery. I can’t find very much information on it. Thanks, Pappys Splinter House…

Yes. It was included with my March delivery. I believe the manual for it was posted here somewhere.

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Yes, I upgraded to it prior to shipping my order.
It’s very readable and touch works well, it fits on the same magnetic support.

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What model number and brand is it? Thanks for the info

All the information you are looking for is here.
It looks like a generic chinese so I’m not sure that the brand matters but it shows MageDock when turned on.

Could anyone post some pictures?

There you are:


@ben Thank you very much. That was some quick service.

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Hello all,

I received notice that my Journeyman is getting ready to ship! However…wait for it… the 10.8" screens are on back order with supply chain issues. Looking like end of January before shipping out. I have looked into some of the other posts about upgrading monitors and some are no longer offered and most are pricey. I did find a used Dell E2014T for not too much. Does anyone know if that display will work? From everything I have found I think it will, but wanted to check with the group to see if anyone had any experience with that particular one. Other options, I have a non touch display that only has VGA input. I have a HDMI to VGA adapter. It doesn’t have a USB though. Does the monitor need the USB for the mouse and keyboard or do those go into the controller?
Or I could wait until end of Jan to be safe and go with the 1F display that I know will work.

HDMI to VGA will not work. Must be hdmi to hdmi