1F will not home on startup

Brand new out of the box today, all cables correct (as far as I can tell) everything lights up, but the touch screen will not home when the home button is touched.
I am doing something stupid am certain, but my brain hurts.
Been at it for 3 hours now arngh.

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Does the touch screen respond to touch? If not, see:

Thanks for the tip re turning on screen, screen has been on since strartup, just did a reboot with screen turned on first, no joy, brain still hurts.
BTW cancel home button and off button on screen not having any effect either,

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Just left the 1F turned on for 1/2hr, the Z axis stepper motor has some current going through it, it is warm to the touch, the other steppers are slightly above room temp but not as warm as the Z motor.
With the unit on the Z lead screw will not turn with finger pressure.

Hey Tony,

that’s the idle current. That is normal. To move the axes by hand, you got to power off the CNC controller.

The idle current is adjusted (on the Motor pages) by many users who mount their Onefinity vertically.


Hey Tony,

that sounds like the touch device that is part of the touch display is not connected, not connected correctly, or the touch display does not get enough power.

Are you sure you connected all three(!) cables to the touch display?

  • One HDMI cable for the display image,
  • one USB cable for the touch device (which is an input device), and
  • one USB power cable that goes to the separate power supply on a wall outlet?
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Yep, all three plugged in and checked a number of times, BUUUT, I may have grabbed any old USB cable for the screen, I guess will have to go and swap out the cables to see if one will work.
If you hear screams of joy in the morning … .

Hey Tony,

for the display image, you don’t need an USB cable, but a HDMI cable.

For the touch device, you need an USB cable.

And finally you need the cable to the power supply on the wall outlet.

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WAHOO Aiph, swapped out the USB cable and away she went, I was quite certain had done something dumb, you saved me.
Even the controller worked. had no idea there was such a thing as a USB port that was not full populated.
SOOO much to learn.
Heartfelt Thanks to all who helped.