80mm Spindle Extractor Options

Hi All,

Just tested my Spindle and Inverter Setup and all looks good,

I’ve fitted the 80mm spindle adapter and Spindle and routed the spindle power cable through my drag chains.

Now I’m beginning to wonder about dust extraction options, my previous setup used the bracket that came with my Rowdy boom, but that wont work anymore because the spindles in the way and I don’t think the Rowdy spindle upgrade kit will work because I have the Route1 drag chains fitted where the rowdy upgrade is bolted to the machine.

I wondered about the PWNCNC V8 from OneFinity but wondered if the x axis drag chain may get in the way. pictures showing this solution would be welcome.

So looking for other options, any possible solutions/pictures welcome.


Hey Dave,

you might be interested in this

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