All in one kit - Woodworker

I just ordered The Woodworker. I bought the Z calibrator, dust shoe, I know I need a router. What kind of bits should I get? I need some for wood, and some for 1/8 - 1/4" thick 6061 Aluminum plate?

What else should I buy before it gets here?

Hey Troy - welcome to the forums! I recommend the following, all completely dependent on what you are making:

1/16" Flat End Mill, 2 Flutes, Up Cut
1/8" Flat End Mill, 2 Flutes, Up Cut
1/8" Flat End Mill, 2 Flutes, Down Cut
1/8" Flat End Mill, 1 Flute, Up Cut
1/4" Flat End Mill, 2 Flutes, Up Cut
1/4" Flat End Mill, 2 Flutes, Down Cut

You will need some v-bits if you want to do v-carving, and ball end mills if you want to do 3D carving.

I did a whole video on bits if you are interested:



Thanks Tom,

I watched your video and subscribed (I now know what down cut vs. upcut will get me), and bought some of the bits you suggested.

Do you have a suggestion on the table or cart I should purchase for the Woodworker CNC machine? or recommended dimensions so I can build my own?

Hi Troy - thanks for watching! There are a couple different threads (1, 2, 3) on the forums regarding the work surface and/or enclosure. If you want the controller next to the machine, you will need at least 55" wide; if you will mount the controller somewhere else, 48" if good enough. You will need at least 47" deep. So, finding a pre-made desk that large will be difficult (but not impossible). For the height, depends on where you will be using it. I have mine in my office inside, so it is at desk height (28"). If I had it in the garage, it would probably be at work surface height (closer to 32"), but that depends on how tall you are and what is a comfortable working height for you.

Hope this helps!


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