Array copy and saving files

Hi Folks-

I am a somewhat seasoned woodworker and am now stimulating my
mind with vcarve pro and a 1F for about a month now. I have been doing some inlays and the machine is surprisingly tight, with great results. As I progress I want to take advantage of the array copy function. I’ve watched a few vids, but nothing addresses the issue I am having. When I try to save the files of the array copy drawing I keep getting the same tool number/different geometry error. I know the machine will pause for tool change and yes, I have numbered the tools separately. My end goal is to array copy tool paths, set my axis’s and let ‘er rip with occasional tool change out. I have had success in a quick and dirty two tool file array copy so I am wondering if there is something happening within the particular existing file I have been successfully carving. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance-

Found my issue- when numbering tools, I was hitting “select”, but not hitting “apply”. All well now- thanks for the help Morrelli- Joe :grin: