Background image

Newish guy here. So I’m currently using Carveco. The project I am currently working on I’m trying to have a background image behind with a local university mascot in the front. So my question is do I just put the background image as a separate layer? Any help would be great!

Thank you!!

How are you doing the image? Is this a 3D relief or are you doing a V-Carve image?

You basically want to think about the depth of cut. E.g. Put the image highest surface at .25" down from material surface and the text cut down at 0.1" and it will end up being 0.15" taller than the tallest point of the image. Using Layers in carveco could help you keep organized but they have nothing to do with depth of cut, that is strictly up to your tool paths.

Edit. Oh, I should have mentioned that you need to remove the portions of the image that below your text so they don’t end up on a tool path. Depends on how you are are doing the image there’s different ways to do that. If it is a 3D relief then you could use the text vectors to add material to the relief so it all becomes one 3D object.

It’s going to be a V-Carve. But you answered the big question I forgot to ask. Which was do I need to remove the portion of the image in the back that under the front image. That helps a ton, thank you!