Basket or bin that mounts to the front of the QCW table

It would be pretty slick if Onefinity offered some type of bin, basket, pouch, shelf, pocket, or other container that mounts to the front of a QCW table using the same bolts used to secure the t track extrusions (or could be adapted to any table).

Not just any container, but one designed to organize all your numerous cnc goodies: probe, set of collet wrenches, oops and hold down clamps, double sided tape, laser, milling bits, collets, etc.

I thought about making something to hold bits I use often that bolts to the QCW front but then I have to think about how to hold 1/8" shanks and large V bits so I may just go the drawer route. I thought about a mount for the touch probe also but my QCW sits on a surface and the probe is too tall for that too. Someone on here has a touch probe holder that bolts to the QCW. Maybe it could be expanded upon.

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Is the issue fixing it to the QCW as making them shouldnt be a problem.

Making: I dont have a QCW but i have holders for my touch probe, control pad and wrenches attached to my table (nowt fancy and screwed on). If you have a 3d printer they’re easy enough to make, with a cnc you can carve something equivalent. Regular hand tools can used.


  • glue, double-sided tape
  • tapping screws
  • zip ties
  • bolted bracket

I’m thinking of a small shallow tray for project “active” bits.

Lesson Learned:

  • watch where you put the controller/joy stick thing. Mine is in a bad place and i must move it because i can bump into it during set ups and the spindle will move. Risk of breaking a bit or damaging a workpiece
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There are things you can print from thingyverse designed just for those things you requested.
Whoops sorry, not everyone has a 3d printer also. Nevermind.