Carbide Compact Router

I am wondering what do you think about Carbide Compact Router
(Carbide Compact Router – Carbide 3D)
It is on sale right now and I am wondering if I should pick up one or get a Makita router instead?

Did any one try it in OneFinity machine?


I have the Carbide compact router in my 1F machine.
I have not had any issues with the router what so ever.

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Thanks. Good to know.
Looking at it is specs, its speeds are (12K - 30K) vs Makita (10k-30K) Should that be a concern?

It won’t be an issue - most small diameter router bits will perform best around 18,000 RPM. Larger bits which would run at a slower RPM will have a 1/2" shank on them which won’t fit in either router.

Take a look at this pdf, it has some information about RPM, speeds, and feeds specific to the Amana bits but can be a good starting point for other bits of similar size.

I would go with the Makita. Surfacing bits should run as slow as possible.

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Ultimately you want your chip load to be near the manufacturer recommendations for the bit. For my surfacing bit (3 flute 1" diameter) it recommends 18,000 RPM at 110 in/min feed rate for a .002" chip load per cutter tooth. If I reduce the RPM to 10,000 at the same feed rate the chip load increases to .0036" which is nearly double the chip load. In that case I would reduce my feed rate to 60 in/min to maintain the .002" chip load.

Fusion 360 will calculate the chip load (feed per tooth) for you, I haven’t used other software yet but I would imagine they have something similar - or there are calculators on the web.

10,000 RPM:

18,000 RPM: